Visa and Migration

Australia welcomes international students with a range of visa options tailored to different study pathways. Here's a breakdown of the main types, requirements, and application processes to help you navigate your way:


Types of Student Visas:

Subclass 500 Student visa:

  • This is the most common visa, allowing full-time study at a registered education provider for up to 5 years. Requirements include:

    • Acceptance letter from a registered provider

    • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement demonstrating your intention to return home after studies.

    • Sufficient financial resources to support yourself and any dependents.

    • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

    • English language proficiency (unless exempted)

Subclass 600 Visitor visa:

For short-term study programs (up to 3 months) not requiring a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). Requirements are simpler, but work is not permitted.

Applying for a Student Visa:

  • Providing a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) – Except few exceptions 

  1. Applying outside Australia: provide a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) for each course of study with your visa application.
  2. Applying inside Australia: Provide a CoE or Letter of Offer for all intended courses. You must provide your CoE before Immi can grant your visa.
  • Gather documents: Refer to the Department of Home Affairs website for the full list of required documents, which may include proof of financial support, academic transcripts, health insurance, and English language tests.

  • Apply online: Submit your application through the Immi Account portal, paying the necessary fees.

  • Provide bio-metrics: You may need to attend a visa service centre to provide fingerprints and a photograph.

  • Wait for processing: The processing times vary depending on your circumstances and visa type.

Post-Study Work and Permanent Residency:

  • Australia encourages international students to stay and contribute to the workforce after graduation. You may be eligible for General Skilled Migration and Temporary Graduate Visa:

    • Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485): Allows you to work in Australia for up to 4 years after completing your studies.

General Skilled migration program

  • Skilled stream of the Australian Migration Program key objectives:

    • Attracting skilled migrants: Filling essential skill gaps in the Australian workforce with qualified individuals who can contribute meaningfully to the economy.

    • Boosting economic growth: The high participation rates and expertise of skilled migrants lead to increased productivity and innovation, driving economic expansion.

    • Supporting regional development: By addressing skill shortages in regional areas, the Skilled stream attracts valuable talent and investment, fostering local economic growth and vitality.

    Do you have any specific questions about the Skilled stream or related matters, such as eligibility requirements, visa options, or specific skill needs in certain regions? 

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